5 Reasons Why BenQ Eye-Care Monitor is the Best for Programmers
We all agree that a computer monitor is a key to enhancing working efficiency, especially for software developers who need to work long hours. In recent years, more and more companies have adopted hybrid working, resulting in many developers needing to buy monitors at home for their work. Here are five tips for choosing a monitor for programming.
1. Specialised Coding mode

Many software developers often use IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in the dark mode because they believe it can help them relieve eye strain and focus more on work, especially when they are in dime surroundings.

BenQ's product development team studied user behaviour by interviewing several programmers and released an exclusive coding mode that optimises the contrast and saturation of dark mode, which programmers most frequently use to improve their productivity. As a result, their working efficiency can be significantly enhanced, and eye comfort is ensured during coding.

coding mode
2. Convenient for Dual monitor setup

Programmers often need dual monitors to fulfill their needs with long working hours and having to open multiple windows simultaneously. BenQ’s monitors for programmers are perfect for this setup with USB-C and daisy chain to easily connect 2 to 4 monitors.

Combined with BenQ’s multi-functional monitor stands, personalized dual screen setups could be achieved to meet all your preferences and needs.

dual monitor
3. See more in portrait mode

There are many benefits of working with a portrait monitor, and they all boil down to one thing – more space. Turning their view 90 degrees, developers can see more lines of code. Programmers will say their portrait monitors can display an increase of 150% to 180% times of lines by flipping their monitor, which increases productivity. Not just for coding, as long as viewing long, narrow content on a portrait monitor cuts out the unused space and enables you to concentrate on your content.

4. Eye-Care

As the leading brand in eye-care monitors, BenQ’s monitors feature trustworthy eye-care technologies like Brightness Intelligence, Low Blue Light Plus, Flicker Free, and Colour Weakness mode. As a result, using an Eye-Care monitor can effectively mitigate the ocular discomfort caused by long hours of coding.

eyecare history

BenQ Eye-Care history

Brightness Intelligence (B.I.) is BenQ’s proprietary technology that uses built-in sensors to detect ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness accordingly to ensure optimal working conditions when working from home.

In addition, BenQ was the first manufacturer that released Eye-Care computer monitors with Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free globally, which are widely adopted nowadays. Hence, no doubt, BenQ has the most matured technology to relieve your eye strain.

For people who have colour vision deficiency, BenQ monitors support colour weakness mode can help them distinguish differently coloured codes with more relative ease.

5. Support Eye-CareU Software

Eye-CareU is an integrated software developed by BenQ that blends software and hardware solutions for your most comfortable viewing experience. It allows you to adjust all Eye-Care features easily with a simple click and set timers or get a notification when there’s insufficient ambient lighting. With Eye-CareU, making setting adjustments has never been easier.

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