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  • Where can I get a replacement remote for my projector TH585 model?

  • Why isn't my keyboard/mouse working on the monitor’s built-in USB hub? How to connect my keyboard/mouse to the monitor? 

  • Where can I get a replacement lamp

  • How to solve the no audio output from a BenQ monitor's built-in speaker? 

  • What is Display QuicKit and how it works on PC? 

  • How to resolve the message "Out of Range" or "No signal" displayed on a blank screen when connecting the projector to input source devices? 

  • Why does my monitor have flickering? 

  • How to cast & mirror my devices to BenQ smart home projector with QS02? 

  • How to upgrade the new firmware for better input lag of the projector? 

  • How do I connect a Fire Stick or Roku stick to the projector? 

  • Why cannot my BenQ monitor display appropriately via a USB-C(Type C) cable?


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