BenQ WiT Desk Clamp

Sale price$49.99


With the WiT Desk Clamp to save up more space, your optimal WiT lighting is even more versatile. It will be your perfect WiT companion for the office table or computer desk. While reading on screens brings convenience and entertainment, the need for the right lighting has never really been met. Reflection and contrast glare caused by unadjusted lighting causing often leads to discomfort for the reader's eyes. BenQ decided to combat this by creating an illumination solution that cares about your e-Reading experience.


  • This Desk Clamp is only compatible with the WiT desk lamp, please make sure you have a BenQ WiT lamp.
  • After the installation, the WiT desk lamp can be clamped on the edge of the desk to free up space. You can rotate the LED by 360 degrees and take the optimal WiT lighting to the height and angle that you need.
  • Easy setup and disassembly.
  • Metal materials provide high durability and sustainability.

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